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God is stronger than my circumstances.

Trying to build a community who puts their faith and trust in god in any difficult situation.

About Us

We are a few individuals who are trying to spread of the lord to the people who are trying to find their way in this life.

The Germanic Pantheon

They have some of the best people who can guide you through any tough situations.

The Creation Myth

We want to bust some of the major myth that people still believe about creation.


We can help you with the books that can guide your life in the right direction.

Germanic Paganism

There are many instances which has led us be the community that we are today, we are looking for the right way.


Bringing back the culture which has led to the things that we follow today.


We can help you understand the difference between mythology and real life.


The food, the culture that we follow is in respect to the tradition that our ancestors left behind.

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What Our Customer Says

This is what our customers have to say about us.

The ideas that they preach are very modern while being able to respect the tradition.
Jonas Seiler
They are always ready to ask you the right questions which can help you understand what they stand for.
Anja Wannemaker

Newest Updates Form Our Blog

The Courses For The Web Development For The Beginner

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The benefits of pursuing the course of web development     

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So if you see your career in the field of web designing and web development down the line, and you are searching for the best institute for that. You then need to know that there some people, who are experts in this field are providing the course on web development. And the best part is that you are provided the practical practices.  

Top Books

Top Books on Germanic Paganism

Germanic Paganism refers to the ethnic religion practices, which is practised by the Germanic people from Iron Age which allows you to Christianisation during the Middle Ages. There is a lot of essential elements which can allow you to have the right early Germanic Culture and when it comes to archaeological remains and literary sources which will allow you to track the number of common to closely related which allows you to get the beliefs set right. It is rooted in Proto-Indo-European religion expanded during the migration period, which yields them to have extensions such as Old Norse religion with the North Germanic people ทดลอง เล่น สล็อต. Paganism practised amid the continental Germanic peoples to get the Anglo-Saxon Paganism which allows them to know the English-speaking peoples. Germanic religion is best documented in several texts from 10th 11the centuries which have some of the best-preserved in Scandinavia and Iceland. If you want to learn more about Germanic Paganism, there are some สล็อต ไทย books which can keep you updated.

The Prose Edda

The Prose Edda is a classical, medieval mythology fiction which allows the books to written by Snorri Sturluson. The book talks about Scandinavian historical poetry which can get them working in their ancient stories of Norse creation. This is the book which was first published in 120, which can get the right kind of help. The book allows you to get the right German Variety which can allow you to get more than expected.

The Sagas of Icelanders

The Sagas of Icelanders which can get the right classic non-fiction and mythology, which is a book written by Jane Smiley. There is a historical book which is set in Saga Age or the Vikings Age. This is one of the first published books in 1200 that has been reproduced by Penguin Books. This is one of the books which is Germanic Mythology and Paganism which can get you through the fascinating Universe which the author can Thrusts you into that the world you will get you through the process.

The Whale Road

The Whale Road is a historical Fantasy adventure fiction and is the first book of Oatsworn series which is written by Robert Low. There is a book which can get them Orm Rurikson and the Viking Brother which is done by Thomas Dunne Books in the year by 2007. These books keep the sense of keeping adventure which can keep everything moving with the time period which took place during the Christianity, which was rising across Europe. The Loyalty and the old gods were waving, mmc996 thai which can get you the right information which can get you through understanding even the American Gods.

get bright fortune with online casinos

Is it possible to get a bright fortune with online casinos?

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  • Rather than play gambling games in traditional casinos, you can join an online Casino. You can get complimentary gifts at online Casinos. 
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Forces that Raise Revenue for Casinos

Every industry has its own sources of revenue, and the impact depends upon the methods of implementation. With the right individuals, any organization can form a marketing team and move into a developmental phase. The same strategy can be further applied to casinos, and the people who have tend to realize its importance. This brings us to the topic at hand, and that talks about the main forces for a casino เกม สล็อต ออนไลน์. Apart from the house edge and other such forces, certain other factors also drive revenue in the first place. Hence, if you wish to know them, then you need to keep reading.


Any business organization tends to either develop or perish due to this particular factor. If your business organization is situated at a prime location, then the business will be smooth, and you might be able to connect to a broader set of people. But if your organization is at a place that is far from the usual crowd, then you might need to invest a lot more money into marketing. This further raises the budget and might reach a point where you run out of money. Although getting a prime location may be expensive, you need to understand that it is a long term investment.



Technology tends to play a huge role in all sectors, and things are not entirely different when it comes to gambling. The 21st century has witnessed technological innovation at gambling, and the results seem to be positive. Due to such innovative changes, the industry seems to benefit from the growth of demand. Casinos that follow the same old technique may never witness such advanced levels of growth. This point is an important one since it is a force that heaps in a huge amount of revenue.


Another important part about your location tends to look at the infrastructure around your place. Be it good buildings or airports; you need such places if you wish to make the most out of your casino business. Top casinos around the world tend to be situated at locations that have all types of services. A prime example for the same can be Las Vegas. The place is a top attraction for tourists because it has all that it takes to bring them here.


There are a lot more points about forces of revenue apart from the ones we mentioned. A close examination will help you come up with a lot, but these three tend to be the most important ones. These factors remain the same, even if you are not talking about casinos. Any form or type of business organization will stand to benefit if you follow the forces of location, infrastructure and technology.


Modern Pagan Community

Common Belief Systems Found Within the Modern Pagan Community

Numerous Pagan groups in the real world tend to believe in factors that were a prime reason for their existence. This peace-loving community has various belief systems that may not be understood by everyone. Their ability to practise the same tends to depict the kind of indo kasino faith that they have on their minds. Learning more about this will help you with some knowledge about the world and also why these communities practise and follow such beliefs. Hence, to enlighten you, here are common belief systems found within the modern Pagan community.


Many people have their own set of imaginations when it comes to Druidism. Most of their thoughts span around a man with a long beard, dressed in robes and other such clothing wear. But things in the modern times are quite different and share fewer similarities with what had existed. They are no longer Wicca, and you need to keep that in mind. This particular change was welcoming, and more number of people came forward to appreciate the same. By all means, practising the same highlights a path about unity, and that is what we need to achieve at the moment.


Kitchen Witchery

As the day’s pass, the term “Kitchen Witchery” tends to seek more importance than ever before. Be it Witchery or warcraft; understanding the primary purpose is a task that you need to do without fail. Incorporating kitchen witch practises in our daily life will help you to follow this belief system and also make the most out of your faith. Around the world, numerous people follow these practices and aspects of the kitchen tend to change accordingly.

Reconstructionist Groups

You may have heard of this particular practice since it is quite famous. Specific individuals 9club casino indonesia have already started following the same, and through time, they learn a thing or two about history. The activity is simple, and it stands to reconstruct a particular, followed by an ancient group. Whether you call it recon or reconstructionist, the activity tends to be the same. But to take things forward, you need to look at different Recon groups out in the world and understand a thing or two from them.


Asatru is another famous practise that has been receiving appreciation from all corners. The tradition also tries to focus on a path that was pre-Christian Norse Spiritual. Through the need for revival, this particular movement gained importance and went ahead to make a difference. As a part of reconstructionist 9club indonesia, many individuals tend to believe that their modern approach is quite similar to what existed in the past. The fact that it existed a hundred years ago tends to things even more exciting.

l Gambler

Features of a Successful Gambler

Casinos have always been the place for 大馬彩4d gamblers, as they spend a considerable part of their life gambling. By doing so, they tend to become experts and know how to take the game forward 大马彩开彩成绩. Listening to their skills and characteristic features will help all amateurs and beginners to get a foothold in the industry. This might also help you save some money since amateurs tend to lose a lot in the beginning. Such factors need to be understood and following them can be considered to be beneficial. Hence, to help you out, here are some top my3win features about successful gamblers.

The Aspect of Control

If there is one thing that keeps gamblers away from an addiction to the activity, then it has to be the thought of self-control. This quality tends to become a part of them as they keep moving forward in the game. It controls them when they require it and also lets them play for the most part. But the end result tends to be beneficial, and that is the actual thing that you need to consider. Having control over such things is an essential part that keeps us from slipping away into a pit of troubles. Hence, learn to keep limits and follow them.

Aspect of Control

Money Management

If you are not capable of managing your money, then you should not be gambling in the first place. The game involves the use of money to a large extent and can also push things forward to a state of bankruptcy. But such things never occur from the game but from the thoughts that strike your mind. As an individual, you may want to keep playing but restricting yourself is an important part. This ensures that you spent a certain amount of money and that things do extend beyond that point. So, learn to spend how much you can and never go overboard.

Being One with Realism

with Realism

Being realistic is a type of mentality that is often disregarded as people do not want to live there. But towards the end, we end up being in a state that does not seem to be compelling since we refuse to accept reality. This attitude will not take you places, either in life or casino. The latter will undoubtedly be disappointing if you are not a realistic player.


Waiting is an important experience that nobody wants to inhale or exhale. This particular habit needs to be curtailed if you wish to win big at the casino because things may never develop right from the beginning. It takes time, and you need to give yourself the same. Hence, consider these points, if you wish to become a successful gambler.


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